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  Strongwater is a core whitewater kayak and river surfing retailer, rooted in the river city of Missoula, Montana. Point blank: Strongwater is a whitewater kayak/surf shop owned by whitewater kayak/surfers. Strongwater is a new business model for whitewater kayak retail in towns and cities with man-made play waves. Therefore, Strongwater is a one of a kind surf shop for the mountains. Strongwater sells whitewater kayaks/equipment, surfboards/equipment, Stand-up paddle boards/equipment, street wear and accessories. We use all products we sell and we are focused on customer service, delivering high quality products for the best prices. Beginners and experts welcome from first stroke to class V. Whitewater kayaking and surfing are creative arts. Currents and waves simply are the canvas used for expression. Strongwater is focused on the progression of whitewater kayaking and river surfing. Strongwater presents creative ideas and involved style, promoting and selling products useful in the lifestyle of whitewater kayaking and river surfing.

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